All hosting companies have their strengths and weaknesses. Majority of the hosting marketing is targeted on the US market, and because of this, you have to put in some considerations if you want to find the best web hosting firm if you are living in Canada. Here are considerations to make when choosing a Canadian web host.

Performance and speed

One thing to note is that just because a web host company is near or is in Canada doesn’t mean that it is a fast high performing web host company. With Canada, geography doesn’t matter. You can find that the US market is also termed as the North America market. The difference in performance and speed will all depend on the level of the company. For example, if you are operating a small website with traffic that is consistent, performance and speed might not be that important as when you are running a site that has heavy traffic and is overgrowing.

The type of company

Would you want to have an established brand that is part of a big company? Or would you prefer a smaller but independent company? Most often big companies have a lot of resources for discounts and also a lot of support channels. On the other hand, independent companies have a personal touch, and their primary objective is on investing rather than cost-cutting.

Customer support

Every person wants to work with a hosting provider that has excellent customer service and support. Providing quality customer service and service requires money. If you are the type of person who likes to DIY and is comfortable with googling and troubleshooting, you might value performance and pricing more than having numerous channels for you to support.

User friendliness

A majority of the clients love a clean and well-designed account area, and other clients don’t care what the buttons and area look like as long as the features are all there. And other customers don’t care about all these as compared to the price and performance.


Do you prefer paying in Canadian or in US dollars? Even though the exchange rate is almost the same paying in US dollars is more expensive, and it can increase your hosting bill by 10%.


If you are considering purchasing or using the services of a Canadian web host provider the above considerations will guide you in choosing the best web host.