If you are a business person in Canada, then you need to choose some of the best Canadian web hosting services for your company. Have some standard when it comes to choosing web hosting services so that you will get value for your money.

Always avoid providers who make fake promises and later don’t deliver what is required. If you are an online entrepreneur, then you need to know some of the hosting requirements. You can first begin by having a shared hosting account. It is cost friendly, and it’s less to maintain. Here are the top ten web hosting services in Canada that you can use.

Hawk Host

Hawk host began its operations in the year 2004. The company provides shared and reseller hosting as well as semi-dedicated and VPS hosting. It takes care of the data centres in seven cities like New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Hong Kong, Toronto, and Amsterdam.

Unlike other companies Hawk host ensures that it doesn’t withhold information on maintenance and control to its clients.


When you first visit the site of OVH, they have stated clearly that they only offer premium products in the company of high-quality value and a great performance. OVH manly deals with disaster recovery offering solutions to reduce the recovery point and also objectives for recovery time for customers.

 The extension feature of the OVH data centre enhances performance. It also deals with problems related to traffic, and it provides flexibility by an expansion of the website workloads to the cloud system. The website operates on five continents, and it has more than one million clients from one hundred and thirty-eight countries.


The main offices of planet hoster are based in Quebec, and it has been operating the web hosting business for more than ten years. The firm offers web solutions such as registration of domain names, hosting and offering SSL certificates. It also has an internet protocol which ensures that servers and the sites which are hosted work well without interruption.

The company offers its services to around 40,000 customers via its cloud infrastructure which is distributed throughout France and Canada. CIRA, AFNIC, and ICANN are the ones which accredit planet hoster.


Websites are not created to be equal. Each web host has its different individual needs, and that’s why you are supposed to choose a web hosting service that will meet the requirements of your business.

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